The Lion as Symbol

 Power, Protection, Royalty, Nobility, Confidence, Beauty, Bravery, Strength, Self-possesion, Imperial….

My current body of work concerns the LION as a recurring symbol over millennia of human history and how it still persists as a symbol in the present.  We have examples of human portrayals of the lion from as far back as 35,000 years in the caves of Europe and they continue through such societies as Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Indian, European and many more.

The lion symbol is so prevalent that it can almost be taken for granted on Coats of Arms, Flags, Shields, Statues, Logos, Bridges, Gateways, Door Knockers, Fountains, Team shirts, beer cans and many more.

I am reinterpreting the carvings, logos and statues that use lions to represent something else, often power or protection.   In many of these symbols it is the eyes that glare out at the viewer that are so memorable, as they seem to challenge or warn.  

This body of work includes acrylics and watercolour and most recently, amulets inspired by the Egyptians.  These are hand-painted, hand-made clay sculptures that can be worn.

What does the lion mean to you?  Become part of Lea’s next solo exhibition by wearing or purchasing a lion amulet and responding to the question:  How do you feel wearing the lion amulet and how do people respond to you when you are wearing the lion?  Responses may become part of the Lion Exhibition

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